With UEW’s “Harvesters of Sorrow” only weeks away, UEW officials have announced matches for their return to the Sun Valley VFW on February 25th, 2017!

Fern Owens was bloody, battered and bruised following his title defense against B.C. Killer, but he stood as the UEW Heavyweight Champion and he was standing on his own two feet, that is until the Insaniac appeared and attacked Fern Owens with a steel chair.
Insaniac missed FTW3 due to not being mentally medically cleared for the event, so he lost his UEW Heavyweight Championship opportunity, Insaniac is now back and cleared of all of the medical “red tape” and he clearly still has the gleam of gold in his erratic eyes!
While being tended to in the locker room following his brutal battle with B.C. Killer, UEW President, Michael Rummans, came to check on the well being of the champion and to also make sure Fern Owens was going to be able to defend his title at the next UEW live event.
Through the blood now making Fern Owens’ hair stick to his face, as pieces of glass were extracted from his flesh, and while the gaping and gushing wounds Fern had endured were being closed…Fern Owens looked up to Michael Rummans and proclaimed he was going to be fine and that he wanted the match with Insaniac signed immediately.
The Champion received his request promptly and the match was made official before he was finished being cleaned up by UEW medical staff. There is something Fern Owens needs to prove to himself and the UEW fans, which is Insaniac’s victory over the current UEW Heavyweight Champion at the Sovereign Of Slaughter Death Match Tournament was nothing more than a fluke.
Can the Champion prove this point? Can the craziest competitor to ever step through the ropes in the Underground beat Fern Owens again? Will these two destroy themselves to destroy their foe?

Andre Verdun left HELLBOUND 2016 with a gaping hole in the side of his neck, a wound severe enough that UEW management made sure the Vandal was rushed to the emergency room. It was later discovered that the Vandal had narrowly escaped a life threatening injury, the cut was a mere 4mm away from hitting an artery. Andre Verdun was lucky that night but was removed from all UEW live events as he was not medically cleared to compete for four months.
In the world of Death Match Wrestling the risk is always there, the threat is always looming, the chances of injury are raised immensely. We have seen this many times as these men risk their lives to compete in the most brutal match type ever conceived.
The swinging of a light tube from Bobby Hollywood was what sliced the Vandal’s neck open and there wasn’t much doubt that it was an injury that “comes with the territory”, however the Vandal had nothing but vengeance on his mind at Passage 2 Pain.
Andre Verdun came to the ring, attacking Bobby Hollywood, binding his arms to the ropes and attempting to do to Hollywood what he endured 4 months ago. This was ultimately prevented by UEW security. A match was then proposed and the two will face off in a Death Match at Harvesters of Sorrow.
These two have unfinished business and there is a life threatening injury driving the Vandal to get payback on Bobby Hollywood. The two agreed to the contest and there was only one particular type of Death Match that would be able to handle the sheer animosity of these two, which is a Tanky’s Twisted Tool Shed Death Match!
What sinister creations will be summoned in the shed? Will these two be hell bent on actually killing each other, that a victory is a just a word at this point? Will vengeance be served by the Vandal? Will Bobby Hollywood star in the sequel of the attempted murder of the Vandal, Andre Verdun?

B.C. Killer was deep into a very brutal UEW Heavyweight Championship match against Fern Owens, the two were taking each other to the limit and testing each other’s will to survive, then Danny Ramirez emerged from the locker room and distracted the Body Count Killer long enough for his shoulders to pinned to the ground.

Danny Ramirez then grabbed the microphone and joyfully announced that the contact he had been in negotiations with UEW management for had finally been signed and Mr. Ramirez was going to be bringing in Lucha Libre stars to the Underground once again.
B.C. Killer was challenged by Ramirez for the Harvesters of Sorrow event against a mystery opponent, Danny Ramirez then listed many legends as a teaser for B.C. Killer. A list that was not met with any hesitation by the Body Count Killer who proclaimed Danny Ramirez could bring anyone to the Underground and he would maim them.
Preparing for one’s opponent is key in a professional wrestling contest, this time Danny Ramirez has removed that luxury from B.C. Killer, it’s a much more difficult task to face someone in a spur of the moment match.
Who will Danny Ramirez bring to UEW to face B.C. Killer? Will the opponent Danny Ramirez brings have the upper hand because he/they have had time to prepare? Will the Body Count rise once again? Will B.C. Killer carve out another victory and claim another victim/victims?

The longest reigning champion of the modern era, Mike Rayne, has not been in the Underground in quite some time. The man that has held the UEW Eastern Pacific Championship for over a decade is a very hot commodity and has been off defending and dominating his reign elsewhere.
When UEW returns to the VFW, Mike Rayne returns to defend his title! Who will step at the bottom of a huge mountain of accomplishment and attempt the climb to greatness? Will the longest reigning champion of the modern era return to claim victory once again and prove that he has held that title for over ten years for a reason?
Who will challenge Mike Rayne? Will it be just one man? Will Mike Rayne be challenged by a line of competitors looking to make history?

The Underground Catch Combat Division was something that was debuted as a way to bring back an almost lost art, the roots of professional wrestling as we know it today would not have grown and flourished without catch as catch can.
One man stepped into the division and has been an absolute force to be reckoned with, Casey Albright is a man that is a powerhouse with the technical skills to dominate any other competitor. We have seen Casey Albright mow down his competition with execution second to none.
Albright is young, hungry and has the appetite for domination. His Underground Catch Combat matches have been very short, very graphic to watch and have been spine tingling for his opponents. Casey Albright is unstoppable at this point, there is no one that has made it long enough to give him a real challenge.
Will that all change when UEW returns to the VFW? Will the freight train make no stops and run down another unlucky man? Who can possibly take Casey on without falling victim to the nastiest suplex we’ve ever witnessed?

All this and more as UEW returns to the Sun Valley VFW for “Harvesters of Sorrow”!


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